Heading into the Sun

Some how we have reached the middle of november. If you are anything like me, you have been fighting off the winter doldrums now for about two weeks, dreaming of warm escapes. By 6:30 you find yourself yawning, and soon you realize your cursing a school bus because suddenly, panic sets in, and you  realize you only have an hour and a half left of day light and you still have to drive really far out of the way to get your wetsuit at your house because there is swell and there is rarely ever swell and you desperately crave the feeling of the water pushing you, flying  you forward..oops sorry, I got carried away..Or you need to do your holiday shopping and you’re  in charge of making the turkey this year for your really food-snobbish in-laws…Cue scary horror movie music.

But wait! it’s not all bad..:)

If you are reading this on the east coast, you have undoubtedly noticed that the sun is setting four hours earlier than it was this summer. Since I have a sunset routine, this has definitely affected the entire scheduling of my day. I also have diagnosed myself with seasonal affective disorder, or SAD,  (my dr. agrees),  and well its possible many of you suffer from it as well, regardless of wether or not you are aware of it. Sunlight provides so many crucial benefits that we, like the plants and other living beings in nature surrounding us, depend on. For me, the most obvious two are my mood, and the temperature surrounding me.

Since most of the activities I prefer are warm weather ad ocean based, I bought a really thick wetsuit last year. I realized that I still needed to make time to be outdoors in the sun, especially during the winter. Today, while I was paddle boarding, I thought to myself how easy it is to take your body for granted, and not use it it to it’s full capabilities. When its cold out, its easy for me to want to stay cuddled up inside, but I know, if I push myself just past my comfort point, I will be happier in the long run.

As I paddled and took in the fields and woods, the pond and underwater world beneath me, my muscles moving us along,..I marveled at how wonderful it was that I was able to do this at all. Since having an injury recently forced me to not exercise for two weeks, I really was able to recognize what a difference it made in my overall well being and happiness.

(the fact that it was grey and stormy for most of those two weeks didn’t help much either)

However, heres the one little thing I realized today. Most of us take our bodies and the weather for granted every single day.. But heres the thing, as we get older, it’s easy to get more sedentary. You have a job and your not taking half an hour after lunch to climb the jungle gym; I get it.

But our bodies still need to be used, they crave it, and your mind craves it too. So don’t take your muscles, any of them, including your brain , for granted. Nor the great outdoors.

Go out and try something where you are using your muscles in new ways. And watch how your muscles change over time. It feels really, really cool, and good. Believe me, I’m somewhat of a nihilist, I wouldn’t steer you wrong 🙂 xx


2 thoughts on “Heading into the Sun

  1. I agree with everything you are saying, I spent eviery weekend in the summer at Brighton Beach and I NEED the sun and love the ocean. I am lucky I am going to St. Thomas after Christmas for 5 days of being in the water. I like your wetsuit idea and we do take life and ourselves for granted.

    I am done Christmas shopping but I dread the holiday parties. But I do love giving gifts.

    Thanks for sharing brightened my day as I decorate my apartment for Christmas

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