Autumn Equinox Happiness Recipe

So maybe you have realized by now, that we are going through a spiritual and planetary shift of consciousness. Perhaps you have been doing soul and spirit work consciously, or maybe not at all, but subconsciously since we are all connected to life energy. Or maybe this all sounds like hocus pocus. I still encourage you to read on.

Sometimes when you are trying to live a flowing ( read happy, fullfilling) life, you run into energy roadblocks. These can be people, places, situations, and so on. You may find yourself reacting by feeling angry, or upset, or some other negative emotion. Suddenly, your happy day is ruined.
There is an easy way to turn that all around and let it go, so you feel happy again. Here is a simple recipe that I have learned from several wiser women than myself.

First: recognize what it is that is making you uncomfortable, tense, anxious, etc..

Name it. (breathe in, breathe out)

Love it. ( breathe it in, and breath it out)

Accept it. ( with gratitude and thankfulness, even if your not sure why)
(breathe it in and breathe it out)

Release it. ( Breathe in, and big breath out, filled with and focusing on release)

Focus on this, and don’t let your mind wander, focus on your breathing, and you will feel the tension and stress melt out of you.

Sometimes I literally feel my hands open up and outward, as if opening up to the blessings and light of the universe. Other times I just notice that the tension I feel in my neck is melting away.

Do this with intention, and do it with the gratitude that you are able to step back outside of yourself, and recognize why you are feeling a certain way, what your reacting to, and that you can release it. (This is a key part)

You have the power to release all of the negative ideas that hold you back, by addressing them in this way, and making a practice of it, daily, or as many times a day as is needed.

Another tool for changing my head space if I get in somewhere not so happy is to stop, and look around, and find something I am grateful for.
It can be something as small as the leaves being green, or the sun shining, or the fact that you have hot water running from a tap in your house. That you have access to a grocery store with fresh food in it.

The simpler, the better.
In life, humans tend to and love to complicate things more than needed. We thrive on drama to some degree. But overall, to lead a happy life, living with gratitude, and compassion and acceptance for yourself and others around you make every day easier, I have found in my research.

Thats all for now, Happy Fall Equinox 2012, with light and love~


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