Retrograde Meditation

The day mercury went into retrograde this month, July 14th,  2012

this is what I wrote after meditating..

 Mercury going into retrograde,

 time to just accept, 

go with the flow,

 with your innermost beliefs. 

Trust your instincts during this time, 

it feels tumultuous but it’s not, 

it’s just growing and evolving human 

consciousness so it feels uncomfortable.

You want to form a plan because it’s

 unfamiliar and may be old feelings you’ve repressed,

 but don’t plan, let it flow,

 let what needs to flow out

of that uncomfortable feeling, flow.

  Once its out

 and felt

 and experienced 

you can

 let it 




Mid July Meditation

July 11 2012

Time of growing enlightenment

universe offers us

endless possibilities

your path plus other options

so you can do many things

unlike in the past this is based

on living a life of true purpose

of happiness born out of love

and passion one feels for something.

The Protein/Meat Conundrum and Other Food Issues

Dear Abby,

I found out recently that cooking with olive oil is actually bad for you because when it reaches a high temperature, it burns and becomes toxic. I just got home from work and decided to cook up a piece of chicken in unrefined coconut oil with a dash of toasted sesame oil, crushed garlic and sea salt harvested by my friends in hawaii. ( all organic)

Whenever I cook meat at my house I am cooking for myself, and whatever pets are hanging around. As I have embraced more buddhist viewpoints, I have found myself eating less meat, and more raw veggies and fruit, and getting my protein from raw nuts, and sometimes protein juice smoothies, like the Naked kind. I actually just learned that buddhists don’t eat meat though, so , I wasn’t eating it less due to my beliefs, that I was aware of.

 I have lost a lot of weight this way, also cutting carbs, but I am doing it because my body craves it, and I feel really good. Thats the only reason. Since I work in animal welfare/rescue, it may be assumed that I don’t eat meat, but I have always felt that I needed the protein from it, and since we have so many teeth, we must be omnivores?


The longer I work in animal rescue, and the more I stumble across when it comes to stories of the animals at our meat producers “farms”, the less able I am to eat it on a consistent basis. Originally I was turned off by the smell, and I have never been comfortable handling it raw. Usually if I eat meat, someone else has cooked it. The fact that I have been embracing a lot of buddhist philosophy in my daily life, for happiness purposes, and also eating less meat is simply a coincidence. I think. Although I’m not sure I believe in coincidences, the older I get and the more I learn and read.

 I am searching for a balance for maximum healthfulness and energy, but I know that soy is not the greatest option either. It has some weird hormonal effects, and most of it is GMO, which I completely and fervently am against. Having seen firsthand in Kauai the damage Monsanto and others have wreaked on the incredible and rare ecosystems there. It hurts my heart.


So, the question then, is, what to eat? they have put electrolytes in water, which is a great step, so we no longer have to drink chemical/sugar laden “thirst quenchers”, but what about protein sources? Anyone have any ideas? Besides beans?


energy seeker