My Grandfather, Julian Underwood

The following is something I recently found, that I wrote about my grandfather, for english class when I was 12 or 13..Although he passed away over ten years ago, he never really leaves me. I believe the assignment was to describe someone who we could find in our favorite room. I did not change the grammar or spelling,  but I did break it up into paragraphs so..bear with me 🙂

“One person you could find in my favorite room is my grandfather. His name is Julian. But everyone calls him grandaddy. He is a big man with a large belly and tan, thick, worn hands. He has rosy cheeks and blue eyes that are usually sparkling with amusement of some kind. He is bald. except for a circle of spikes around the bottom part of his skull.

He wears glasses occasionaly for reading. He reads alot and he writes alot. Every day in Canada he kept a journal and wrote about everything we did. Probably after he dies and we find them ( there were two) it will be really neat to read about everything we did. grandaddy also paints alot. He used to be an architect. Now he does water colors mostly. He is very talented. A couple of his paintings are in a small museum in massachusetts.

He also likes to make things with his hands. He is a really good cook. Or at least he thinks so! He has a way of putting together the strangest combinations and usually they turn out really well. He loves food. He and my grandmother go to france every summer and rent a houseboat and go down the canals and stop and go to all different restaurants. He loves good wine. He says it’s a good way to enhance or bring out the flavor in a meal.

He also loves boating. He sails alot and rows alot  around the lake in canada. He has a big, beautiful, mahogany rowboat that he takes out early in the morning. Usually he is very calm and sensible. Sometimes my grandmother will aggrivate him too much, but instead of yelling and screaming, he talks to her. Calmly and logically. This sometimes drives her crazy but still its not really his style to cause a scene. Wherever we go, people, especially females, react well to him. He is not so much charming as he is easy going and likeable. He has a great sense of humor and loves a good joke.”

As I get older, it helps to look back and read things I have written, although sometimes I feel embarrassed. Reading and writing has always helped me sort out my feelings and focus on myself and my path when I get too distracted helping others. Anyways, hope you enjoy, if not, maybe you know someone that would enjoy, so share with them, thank you for reading.


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