Do You See The Light?

It’s hard to just sit down and write, with no internet or tv or radio to distract you..or daylight. I think I work better when there is no sunlight but I have been out in the sun light that day. Anyways, thats a tangent that I am going to overshadow; Back to the process of writing, of creating, of making something, from nothing, out of what is inside you. OF course we are influenced by all of the things outside of us as well, which can really take it’s toll on a person. In fact, I have come to realize that the majority of people are not super enlightened, joy-seeking, light beings, but are simply average joes. They have been brainwashed, or conditioned, by the system, by their parents, by their social circles, by their neighborhoods, essentially, by their environment, to blunder through life, filled with anger, sadness, frustration, and probably a feeling that something is missing.

The ability to feel strong and safe in your environment, while also following your heart,  is something that must be taught, that you must remind yourself of, that must become a daily practice. A belief system should be a daily practice, like any religion. Teaching yourself to live and see the world in a happy way, to stay positive, to not be brought down by other people’s negative thoughts, or heavy needy energy,  is a daily practice, just like working out.

This is in order to make it easier to float like the light being that you are, that we all mostly are capable of being. This takes CONSTANT reminding..I cannot STRESS this enough, CONSTANT REMINDING THAT YOU ARE A LIGHT BEING, that your golden love and light filled aura is sealed to the negative energy of those near you, who you care about or must encounter in daily life. By taking time to focus on that every day, it becomes easier to stay in your own happy vibration. Remember to have compassion and forgiveness for those heavy souls around you are on their own paths, and allow yourself space from anyone who makes you feel unsafe, or blocks your creative energy,  in whatever way that may manifest itself.

IF your energy is in high vibration, you must be careful who you are around, its almost like taking acid, you only do it in a certain type of environment, where you feel safe, with people who are understanding and supportive of you.

The best part of this practice, is that, when you are in your highest happiest vibration,  it is kind of contagious, and it will be shared with those around you, so go do something that makes you happy, and then, keep doing it!


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