Quandary of Technology

Technology is  amazing, even if I am usually quick to complain about it a lot of the time. Having a video camera and using it to capture moments in time is  wonderful. I was recently in hawaii visiting friends and taking time for myself, when I witnessed my friend and her mother dancing hula for their child/granddaughters’ first birthday. While I couldn’t stand to film the whole time, I did film for a little while, and watching it now, I am glad I did. The trouble with videoing is that you are missing out, on  truly experiencing and living in the moment because you are looking at everything through a lense. Aah. A photographers curse and gift, a double edged sword. By capturing the moment, you are not fully engaged in absorbing the moment, but rather the image, so as to relive the moment later. But moments relived are never quite as good, yet we go back to them for joy and comfort. Is that healthy? is that good if you are trying to stay living in the moment? If you are going with the flow in life, are you going to want to stop and take your camera out? For me, the answer is sometimes. It also depends on the rarity of what I am videoing. Afterwards, I am always really glad I did use my camera, and I wish I had done it more. Soo..what a quandary. Thats enough. Its 3 am and I am still on pacific time..Thank you for reading, I have not posted i/n what feels like eons.


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