Einstein, Socialist?

With all of the recent political turmoil, I have tried to keep my head in the sand, because there is nothing I can do directly to change any of it. Not being able to effect change is frustrating to me, so I try to avoid subjects which I have no control over. Unfortunately, my dear friends on facebook keep reminding me that there is indeed a big joke of a political shit show on the horizon.

 So I started doing some research. I ended up where I always do when I start talking/thinking about politics, arriving at the capitalist vs socialist model.  I realize I am possibly a socialist, and that we have decided that won’t work, or hasn’t in other countries. But then I did further research. I found that Albert Einstein, the GENIUS, suggested over 50 years ago exactly what people are still saying now. Capitalism is not the best answer. Neither is pure socialism. And therein lies the paradox. Is it possible to find a balance, where people are doing things they enjoy, for the benefit of themselves and society, and able to survive economically? I hope so, for the sake of humanity and it’s future happiness and growth. Happy New Year! oh and here is the link to the Albert Einstein article..http://monthlyreview.org/2009/05/01/why-socialism



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