Sunshine, Soulshine..

Today is December 18, 2011,  and I have sunshine on my mind..It is getting cold here in new england, the sun sets early, and the trees are bare. I always try to take the utmost advantage of the sun while it’s out shining bright, warming and nourishing us with her rays. I  look forward to the everchanging skyscape, as the sun sets below the ocean, every days’ sunset like a free beautiful, inspiring gift. Driving this afternoon, I watched how the light changed as time ticked along. The light on the trees turns them red and orange, glowing in her fire through the chilly blue winter sky. As living beings, we get energy from the sun, and energy is a powerful thing.

We put off energy, or “vibes” all the time, only, not everyone is as sensitive to it as some people. OR you may be sensitive to it, but have not realized that that is what you are reacting to. Here’s the thing though, energy is powerful, more powerful than you realize, and also easily transferable. You are the creator of your own energy.

It is your choice what energy you decide to put out into the world, to swirl around with the energy of others. So make yours a good energy, a calm, happy, loving, generous energy. Find your inner energy, whatever makes you tick,  and let it make you glow, your own inner sunshine, then shine that light out into the universe. The universe will shine even brighter down on you, and will fill those around you with the same love, light and peacefulness, and understanding, or whatever you choose to shine bright. In these cold December days and nights, we must work extra hard to stay warm and happy. Build a fire with some friends, human or animal or preferably will warm your soul.


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