What I Have learned In This Life

  1. If you want things done in a certain way, do them yourself.
  2. Don’t neglect routine maintenance on your car, your pets, your friendships, and yourself, you need them.
  3. Sit in the sun, pay attention to what the moon and mercury are doing.
  4. Google the crap out of items you are going to purchase, read customer reviews, etc.
  5. Buy toilet paper in bulk, and anything else you will always need, if you can afford to.
  6. Own pets.
  7. Do whatever makes you happy when feasible, be it going on vacation, or eating ice cream.
  8. Notice your surroundings and the energy in them; Respond accordingly.
  9. Go outside at night and look up at the stars, they are beautiful and free.
  10. Take time to stop and….smell the flowers, touch the moss, feel the water, watch the sunset, pet your animals.
  11. Watch things, a butterfly fluttering around, birds, oceans, streams, rivers.
  12. Eat local, organic and in season foods when available.
  13. Cook with unrefined coconut oil, or olive oil, or organic butter.
  14. Teach yourself to like veggies even if it means covering them in organic butter and garlic powder, or a good salad dressing.
  15. Don’t add salt to things, but if you must, use the most raw, unprocessed, sea salt  you can find.
  16. Watch other people’s children before you have your own.
  17. Be straightforward and truthful as much as you can.
  18. Put yourself in other people’s shoes.
  19. Fight your battles.
  20. Face your demons.
  21. Realize your dreams.
  22. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or you probably won’t get any.
  23. Respect the ocean, and all of mother nature.
  24. Conquer your fears when you feel ready.
  25. Live with intention.
  26. Listen to your gut.
  27. Question anything and everything, and never feel stupid for asking a “stupid” question. It matters more that you understand something, than it does what people think of your questions.
  28. Make time for yourself, even if it means staying home on a friday or saturday night, or both.
  29. Learn about yourself.
  30. Think outside the box, and look at things from multiple perspectives.
  31. Learn how outside things affect your inside things, and make changes where necessary to feel your best.
  32. Get sleep, enjoy your dreams. We need sleep to live. Don’t feel bad for sleeping a bit extra sometimes, because your body obviously needs it.
  33. The mental and physical self are intertwined, nurture and nourish both with the best ingredients you can find, to create balance, happiness and healthfulness.
  34. Float in the ocean.
  35. Try new things.
  36. Stay in touch with your friends and family.
  37. Volunteer, it feels good.
  38. Go on walks, a lot.
  39. Be aware of your surroundings.
  40. It is usually the littlest things in life that bring you the most joy, and the biggest things that cause the most stress.
  41. Appreciate the little things, and  don’t take them for granted.
  42. Appreciate the sound of water in nature, the rain falling, the stream gurgling, the waves crashing, all of it.

3 thoughts on “What I Have learned In This Life

  1. That’s so beautiful Helen. I agree 100% with you. You have your priorities straight! Thank you….. for bringing GOOD tears to my eyes. 🙂

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