Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures



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I believe it was DMX, the rapper, who said, “let a dog roam and he’ll find his way home”. From my experience, this proves to be correct. I have recently taken on caring for my neighbor’s two dogs, a yellow lab and an irish setter. We live out on 40 acres of trails and ponds, streams and woods, and salt marsh. I have noticed, that while the dogs love to go for walks with a human, they never seem to take themselves on walks. They do go on missions, to the farm down the road, the neighbors’ house through the woods, and so on, but they always have purpose. Ambling along with an actual human seems to be a far superior experience. If I leave them outside, and go in the house, they just lie down outside and wait until I come out again or let them in.

Dogs are loyal, loving creatures. It must be in their DNA. They yearn for the soft pat of a human hand, a gentle, loving look, a nurturing, soothing tone. Like babies and toddlers, they respond very much to the tone and volume of the human voice. A friend of mine who has a lot of dog experience once told me that, if I was ever with a dog off leash, and I couldn’t get the dog to come back to me, to lie down on the ground and make noises like I was being attacked, whimpering and crying, and yelping out. Although it could create quite a scene, I have used this trick, and it does work with dogs.

Today while babysitting, I wondered if it would work with children. My charge had wandered into another room mid diaper change, and thought it was hilarious to try to escape me putting on the diaper. I have been kind of sick, so my energy has been a little low, so instead of chasing after him, I tried making some kind of dog crying noises, like a puppy. It worked like a charm!! He came running into the room to see what he was missing. Just one of the many similarities between toddlers and dogs, amazing!! I guess you could say, let a child roam as well and they will find their way home to the nurturing love they crave.

( I am obviously not advocating unsupervised play, but I think it is good to keep a distance, and let them explore without a human hovering over them, projecting conflicting energy) . ~ my lovebyte of the day 🙂 xoxo H

Living in Flow

So, I was planning on writing a blog post about flow, living in flow, creating flow, defining flow, etc. but I was having a lot of trouble defining it with words.  At the risk of sounding crazy, I would also like to add, that when I am about to do something, and feel like it may or may not be the right choice, I wait for a sign from nature.

For example, I decided to take a foster pup to the beach and let him run off the leash, even though he was not really trained. I was nervous that he wouldn’t come back to me when I called him, but I also knew he really needed some off-leash action to get that puppy energy out. As I was driving down the dirt road towards the beach, I was debating the pros and cons in my head, and weighing the risks versus rewards of letting him run free. As I was driving, nature gave me my sign..I cannot be more  specific because quite honestly I don’t want to jinx myself. But that was all I needed to know that we would be okay, and that the dog would not run off forever.  I know, I know, it sounds a bit loony, but it works, I swear.

But anyways, back to Flow..

Living in flow happens when you are following the dreams in your heart. When you follow that, everything else, as if my shear coincidence, will fall into a flowy state.  Things that need to happen, do. You do things, as you think of them, and don’t get too bogged down in the planning. You creates the things you need, when you need them, and the flow makes it all happen. Flow is the outcome of your most positive intentions and ideas. It is you, creating what you yourself have asked for in your thoughts, and being.

What flow actually is, however, is an underlying consciousness, an intention,  and a manifestation of happy, blissful joy. By becoming aware of it, you can tweak it and make things happen, and create change, seemingly with little effort. If everyone could get into a flow state, we could create amazing things together.  The power of intention is as strong as you want to make it, but a group intention is even stronger. Together, the possibilities are endless!!