Patience wanted:

First off,  I wanted to update you all about Little Bear and Todd, they have been adopted!! Fantastic! and now for ….Patience..

I have been working with one of our adoptable dogs, Barney, who is still basically a puppy although he is full grown. Many people have come to visit Barney and potentially adopt him, but no one has yet. Barney has a lot of puppy energy, which is normal, and is also very strong, as he is a pitbull/lab mix. He is mostly black with a white chest and paws. Whenever I tried to walk Barney on a regular leash, he would pretty much pull me around. I will be the first to admit that this is not a pleasant way to walk a dog. I tried switching to a halter, which he was convinced was a toy to play tug with. When I finally pried his mouth open and got it away from him, he would try to jump up and grab it, thinking I was playing keepaway. You see, Barney thinks life is full of games. Which is not a bad attitude to have. In any event, the halter didn’t make much of a difference. Then I tried the choke chain collar. I was wary of using this type of collar, but it actually made a world of difference because Barney doesn’t want to choke himself, go figure!

Barney has another side of his personality too. His sweet, lovable, cuddly side.  Barney still thinks he is a lap dog. In his mind, he is still a small little pup who can curl up in your lap, which is right where he likes to be. Barney is  a friendly, affectionate, cuddly, sweetheart of a dog. (Pitbulls usually are in my experience)  I cannot understand why nobody wants him. When you approach him he does a happy dance, prancing his front paws up and down, and wagging his tail so much it makes his whole body sway back and forth. When you reach out your hand, he greets it with a kiss. He is just so frickin happy..and excited.

I know that Barney will calm down as he gets older, and walk better on the leash too. He just needs an owner with time, and patience to see it through. He wants to please. You can see it in his soulful brown eyes, filled with love and adoration and curiosity. Everyday, I pray that the right person will come along.. someone laid-back,  patient and loving, understanding and firm. I wish I could take him home with me, because we calm each other down, and he responds well to calm energy. He immediately settles down, and rolls over for a belly rub, or just snoozes with a paw touching you.

Patience is something that can be applied and needed in many situations; from driving behind a slow driver when you are late, to waiting for food when you are starving..patience is often what one tries to summon to get them through the rough patches.

Patience is needed while waiting for your scared foster kitten to come out from under the bed, and rub up against your leg.

Patience is needed when working with feral cats, as they start out fearing humans and eventually come around with the right amount of love and kindness shown to them.

Patience is waiting for the right human to adopt a cat that may not show well in a shelter environment due to stress, or one with a disease that has a stigma but no real health effects. ( like FIV, feline AIDs)

Patience is trying a bunch of different types of leads and collars with a dog who has no training walking on a leash, until you find the one that works best.

Patience is training that same dog to walk well on a leash.

Patience is letting a shy animal get to know you, and waiting for it to jump on your lap eventually, and trust you. When you are patient, the reward is sweet.

Patience is what is needed to gain trust. Patience and time..The animals at the shelter are waiting, they have all the time in the world. They wait patiently for their turn to get attention, to get fed, to have their needs met. Patience is the person whom the animals are waiting for to walk through the shelter door and adopt them. Patience is the perfect pet owner. Be patient, adopt a shelter pet today!!


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