Sid, the iguana..


I have not written for a while.  My pet iguana, of 13 years Sid, had to be euthanized a month ago due to kidney failure. I have been having an extremely difficult time adjusting to his non-presence. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child, if  the pain I feel for losing an iguana is this intense. It is only now, a month later, that I can sit in my living room and not immediately think of Sid.   Sid roamed free in my house and has since she was about 2 years old. Her last cage broke while we were driving across the country from Colorado to Connecticut in a snow storm. I lost control of the 4runner I was driving and rolled it 3 times down the side embankment along a highway in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. Somehow, when the car finally landed, and I got out, I found Sid in the snow, totally freaked out. I grabbed her and stuffed her into the sleeve of my jacket to keep her warm. All of the windows in the car broke, and all of my belongings were spread about the highway and down in the snowy ditch. Truckers were literally picking up my underwear and other belongings and bringing them down to me.  When the cops came, they wanted to take me to the hospital, but I had Sid with me, and they didn’t know what to do with Sid. So the state trooper put us in the back of his car to stay warm, and called  around and found a pet friendly motel for us to spend the night. The weather was too stormy for my dad to come and get us until the next day.

That night, I put Sid on the heater in the hotel room with a blanket, and picked shards of glass out my hair for hours..and since then, Sid has been cage free. When I got my cats  as kittens, I knew I would have to teach them to respect Sid. Luckily, Sid was bigger than they were for the initial meeting. For a while I kept them separated when I wasn’t at  home, but eventually, Manolo, my boy cat, figured out how to open the door to the room Sid was in. He would go in and lie down, facing Sid, and I would come home to find them hanging out. One day, I heard Sid scratching at the door to get out of her room, and I watched as Manolo, ever curious that he is, went over to inspect. Together they slid the door open..Sid walked out, and crawled into the living room, Manolo, walked into Sid’s room and curled up on the heating pad under the fake sunlamp. Apparently, they had teamed up! Soon my other cat Sophie went and explored Sids’ room as well, and tried out the heating pad. Animals are so funny. From that day on, I never really worried about them. Here is a picture of them, this year, before Sid died, all sharing the couches in the living room.




Sid, Sophie , Manolo


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