starting a blog about cats and other random things..

foster kitten climbing the screen for the first time

So I was trying to come up with ideas for a name for this blog..”Tall tails, Short tails and everythng in between? “. Yikes! Oh boy do I have a ways to go… I started with some basic internet research, googled cat blogs, and stumbled upon some interesting findings..One girl keeps rescuing cats that keep getting sick and dying. It’s kind of depressing. Another one took me to a religious, bible quoting site, and yet many more are written from a animals point of view. One of the cats seemed to have been speaking with an asian twang, the writer had softened the rrs.. I swear this is true!

This put me off blogging for a few weeks, I am not going to lie. When I first decided that googling cat blogs would be a good research tool, I admit I was wary..I mean we have all seen the extent to which some people are crazy about their animals. Dressing them up, getting bows in their hair, getting their nails painted…not letting their dogs outside their apts except while being carried or in a stroller..

But I want this blog to be about more than just cats. I want it to be about love, happiness, health, human and animal connections…I have a bunch of ideas! (extreme couponing?)
Its funny how things happen. Someone sent me a link to funny animal videos on the Huffington Post site. Well when I clicked on it I couldn’t find the link, but ended up on the Huffington Post website and started reading.  Eventually, I found a girl who writes a blog about being homeless. long story short it inspired me and she published a book…

“A Girls Guide to Being Homeless” I think its called.


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